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Ryan Jones Solo Show Tuesday March 29th

About the artist

Ryan Jones is a folk/ Americana songwriter

About the show

Ryan’s going to be playing some new tracks and talking you through some of the classic songs that he’s written over the last decade. The show will be going out live from the studio but will also be part of a live album and video series that you can watch and listen to later


Show date: 29 February 2023
Show start time: 730pm
Cost: Free

Help Ryan to make the show happen

Hiring the studio, mixing engineers, camera crew all mounts up. We’re going to be offering some “Perks” to help raise the cash to pay the professionals working on this project

You can watch our shows live for free just by selecting the free show link on the “perks page” but if you can afford it then please help our artists to cover their studio costs (and maybe even make a little extra) by buying a Perk.