About the studio

Flockabird is a Recording studio and live streaming space that specialises in making “live recordings” of artists. 

Capturing an undoctored musical moment in time using world class analogue recording equipment is central to what we value as a studio. We have found that having an audience (be it streamed or in the space) adds even more authenticity to the music that we make.

We help artists to work with their audiences to fund their studio time by blending the process into a collaborative musical experience.  


Flockabird studios is a space for capturing Live music performances. 

We spend the majority of our time pre-producing tracks before a live recording. 

By having the audience present throughout the process our bands are constantly reminded of who they’re telling their story to and why.

We run live recording streams of our recording events, deliver educational projects, create documentaries for artists and help to make original music production sustainable for the acts that we work with. 

Why Live

Live music captures a moment in time where studio recordings sometimes lose that vibe. I love the idea of connecting with an audience whilst making a record and think that this is a fantastic opportunity to reach a new crew whilst not needing to use the fuel.


Flockabird is a crowdfunded organisation, we wouldn’t run without you, so whether you’re supporting an artist that you love, one of our educational projects or the organisation as a whole we are indebted to you for your generosity.

Artist support

Support an artist by booking a show, buying their perks or purchasing some of their merchandise.

If there’s an artist that you would love to see in the studio then please do get in touch and let us know! 

Patreon – Help us to create the content that you want to see. From artist documentaries to studio engineering insights. Join our patreon group and help to steer the direction that we take with our media


Download our live playlists and share them far and wide! Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music. The money goes directly to the artists and writers and helps them to keep creating great work! 

Donate to support our educational projects!

Book the studio

Book out the crew and the studio for an act that you love and become a producer of your own show. Drop us a line at flockabird@flockabird.com